NovaRisk is a Managing General Underwriter (MGU) with delegated underwriting authority supporting the Canadian and US commercial insurance marketplace.


NovaRisk’s guiding philosophy is defined by extensive professional underwriting, technical pricing, risk control services, and a significant investment in technology to streamline processes. They are an MGU that delivers unparalleled top and bottom-line value to like-minded carrier partners. NovaRisk represents a digital, future-focused business model that will set a new bar in the Canadian marketplace by combining exceptional underwriting skills with the latest technology, and a culture of transparency with capacity providers.

NovaRisk’s fresh approach to technology, talent, and service will establish a robust operating framework to organically build a diverse portfolio focused on transactions where they can add value, such as accounts and programs that are capacity driven, complex to place, or require a bespoke solution. As part of a North American organization, they service multiple general and specialist segments. Our growth strategy is not limited to typical insurance. Our innovation is led by the markets needs and our clients.